Toddler Class

(ages 18 mths - 2.5yrs)

It's so very important for toddlers to be given the opportunity to learn and explore in a safe and stimulating environment.  Developing social and self-help skills are huge milestones for them.  As they grow, our teachers guide and encourage the toddlers to learn eating, dressing, toileting and social skills.  We also provide exciting activities to develop language skills.

Snacks and lunch are provided daily and each child has his or her own cot with a blanket for naptime. 

Our toddlers have their very own playground and provided that the weather cooperates, they do go out for an hour, twice daily.  We have a full-size gym inside our building fully equipped with gross motor toys and activities, therefore if we cannot go outdoors, we spend time in the gym.

Our toddler teachers are always available to discuss your child, as well, we do provide a daily report that parents receive at the end of each week.  Connecting with each parent every day to give them a quick update about their child's day is very important to us!